Ambassador, King’s College London Vision Strategy 2029
January 1, 2018
Finalist, Policy Idol 2016
January 1, 2018

Speech on education & youth empowerment at the UK Parliament

Title of talk

Combating Educational Inequalities Key To Youth Empowerment


Jan 15, 2018


House of Commons, Westminster


UK India Youth Empowerment & Leadership Seminar

Speaking about the inequalities that are rife in the current system of mass education in India and the UK, I discussed potential solutions and interventions to make it more relevant and inclusive at the 'UK-India Youth Empowerment & Leadership' seminar chaired by Virendra Sharma MP alongside other distinguished speakers including Seema Malhotra MP, Bob Blackman MP and Rajesh Aggarwal, Deputy Mayor of London.

The existing system does not impart a holistic education that is sufficient and relevant to character building and development of skills. Neither does the curriculum cater to the evolving needs of the society and labour market. Undoing educational inequalities are not as difficult as one might imagine. It begins by devolving the responsibility of shaping the curricula and developing teaching methodologies to schools with very little or no political inference. Inclusion of hands-on learning and skills development as part of the curriculum, and breaking stereotypes on what a successful career looks like will empower the youth for the challenges of the future. My presentation also highlighted the importance of students as an all powerful living bridge between India and UK. Shared goals and collaborative efforts to improve education, particularly higher education, will definitely serve to strengthen the existing ties between the two nations.